... a local living room where we encourage you to EAT, DRINK and GATHER.
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 Welcome to Ellijay Coffeehouse  located in a meticulously restored 1940’s building in downtown Ellijay,GA… we are a Local Living Room where we encourage you to EAT, DRINK and GATHER! A specialty coffeehouse serving panini’s and select pastries all day long 7AM- 7PM -7 days a week. We have plenty of room to stretch out /two outdoor pet friendly courtyards/ a coffee lounge w/ fireplace and FREE WIF

Meet Rick and JoAnn

Rick and JoAnn have been a team since 2005 when they met…fell in love and began their extraordinary  journey.  In 2007 they bought an 18-acre homestead just 2 miles from the Coffeehouse which is known as ‘The Martyn House’. The Martyn House is an Artist Residency and Mountain Retreat the perfect getaway for those seeking a truly unique experience in extraordinary dwellings. The Farm was the inspiration to create a community centric coffeehouse in 2012, located in a meticulously restored 1940’s building in downtown Ellijay, GA

Rick is the in-house photographer his work is displayed throughout the Coffeehouse ~ to view his portfolio of images visit his web site at ricklucasimages.com

JoAnn is a lifelong serial entrepreneur …she is a creator of extraordinary ideas!  she reminds us that life is a journey of constantly creating, live with intention …..believe in the unbelievable!.

 Meet Our Baristas

At the Coffeehouse Our Baristas are not only your ‘tour guide’ to all things fun and adventurous in Ellijay & Gilmer County but they are trained in every aspect of COFFEE  from learning about our partnering farms from around the world to our roasters incredible attention to detail in bringing us the very best coffee beans…to the final detail of course when they pull that perfect shot from our very own La Marzocco Espresso machine who we kindly refer to as ‘Francesca’ ….….

We LOVE coffee and every darn thing about it!
Who are these lovely talented funny engaging Baristas? 














Ellijay Coffeehouse • 131 North Main St • Ellijay Georgia 30540 • 706-635-5565


Open Everyday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM