A seeker of all things unique….fueled by inspiration …bohemian at heart…..adventurer….living life on my terms… curious….. rebellious and radical ….and these coffeehouse tales are just some of what I feel compelled to share….

simple pleasures

Simple Pleasures....sometimes its just a lovely morning walk with grace watching the sun rise, breathing in the cool crisp fall air, a sip of that perfect morning latte, a smile from a stranger, a hug from a friend, a decision finally made, the knowing that all is...

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Random thoughts of the unsettled soul

Our world…it revolves, evolves, expands, contracts but will forever remain the greatest and deepest of mysteries. As soon as we think we know we learn another ‘truth’. We try desperately to frame everything and fit it neatly into our wee bitty box of comprehension~ we...

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Ellijay Coffeehouse

The Ellijay Coffeehouse previously known as The Martyn House In Towne has transformed and taken on its own identity! We are excited to be able to focus on all  things Coffee and Community however we need your help... we are thinking about Fireside Chats (something to...

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about the author…JoAnn
An accomplished artist, designer and gardener with an admitted compulsion for natural intuitive healing and a spiritual connection with the earth. Once upon a time a potterer, merchandiser, business consultant, believer in all things grassroots…A lifelong serial entrepreneur, a creator of extraordinary ideas…..…..let the dreaming begin….


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