–Carl Jung once said that  “your vision will become clear only when you can look inside your heart. Who looks outside dreams; and who looks inside awakens”

…as a woman of many words and ideas— I have been a dreamer and I have had moments of clarity and in this process have manifested the most amazing things in my life–The path to true freedom is not one of slaying dragons, nor drinking the Kool~Aide, or trolling in the dark in hopes there really is light at the end of the tunnel. Our stories cannot be told in one blog..or over one cup of coffee or even in one brief encounter…our  stories continue to unfold by each passing hour,day, week, month and year for it is our life’s evolution that gives us our chapters… A dance at the waters edge or a toe dip to test the waters is really just that….we go as deep as we feel comfortable and then we retreat to the dream to create outside of ourselves. My story is one woman’s search for peace, beauty, joy and freedom in a life defined by time~the people i met along the way, the wisdom, the magic, the challenges …well ….it is all a mystical, magical evolution……I often feel all the emotions that life has bestowed upon us from excitement to dread from love to an unimaginable fear….the unknown swallowing us whole and the known lifting us up remember it is all of this that is the beginning of something truly great….

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