Are you happy? Are we happy people? Do our circumstances determine our happiness?

We tend to buy and buy or over achieve trying to fill this void of discontentment…. it is not things or accomplishments that make us truly happy… travels around the world have shown me that the poorest of people seem genuinely  happier than those that seem to have it all… it Gratitude we are lacking

The poorest of people seem so grateful for what they did have, which is often very little.  Maybe I am asking the wrong question- what i should be asking is what are you grateful for – it is this answer that makes us think, smile, and ultimately bring joy to our hearts and a smile on our face-so is that happiness?

a heart of gratitude….does not say i am happy and therefore I am grateful -instead it says i am so grateful for this life and the planet we live on and the opportunity to decide what today will look like for me….and it is this makes us happy.

Begin today with the habit of writing one thing down a day in your journal that you are grateful for- i think we might just all find that our list is incredibly long….and thus the realization that we are indeed very happy people!


about the me magic eyeauthor…JoAnn

I am an accomplished artist, designer and gardener with an admitted compulsion for natural intuitive healing and a spiritual connection with the earth. I am a lifelong serial entrepreneur, a creator of extraordinary ideas, and soon to be published author …..let the dreaming begin….

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