In our little town I see and feel a common thread of people getting out of the cities and finding a peace here… there is a way of life that is a bit slower and an urge to connect with nature and community.

I happen to believe that the Cohutta Wilderness is one of the most inviting forests in the world. I have not seen them all but the comfort of the rhododendrons and the mountain laurel hugging you as you wander the many trails is intoxicating The watershed that these woods purge from every pore has that cleansing renewal feeling. For us that live here the hiking and biking and kayaking does not get any better!

As a way to connect to his countrymen Roosevelt turned to the radio and the Fireside Chats were born…here’s a bit of history of these chats….

By the Fireside

Roosevelt was not actually sitting beside a fireplace when he delivered the speeches, but behind a microphone-covered desk in the White House. Reporter Harry Butcher of CBS coined the term “fireside chat” in a press release before one of Roosevelt’s speeches on May 7, 1933. The name stuck, as it perfectly evoked the comforting intent behind Roosevelt’s words, as well as their informal, conversational tone. Roosevelt took care to use the simplest possible language, concrete examples and analogies in the fireside chats, so as to be clearly understood by the largest number of Americans. He began many of the nighttime chats with the greeting “My friends,” and referred to himself as “I” and the American people as “you” as if addressing his listeners directly and personally.

And so here we are January 2019  initiating our own ‘Fireside Chats’….

The purpose is to broaden our horizons…the Ellijay Coffeehouse would like to be a catalyst for growth, inspiration, education, and connecting our community.

about the me magic eyeauthor…JoAnn

I am an accomplished artist, designer and gardener with an admitted compulsion for natural intuitive healing and a spiritual connection with the earth. I am a lifelong serial entrepreneur, a creator of extraordinary ideas, and soon to be published author …..let the dreaming begin….





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