So you had to wait for your coffee?

Its hard to explain all the energy behind an espresso bar such as ours. The star of our coffeehouse is of course our La Marzocco Espresso machine who we fondly call Francesca. We all love a well-made Espresso, but what really is happening behind that bar? there’s a lot more to it than you might think— tweaking and refining the brewing process is a craft, like cooking, it requires knowledge, dedication and talent.

Espresso is made by forcing a small amount of near-boiling water through finely ground coffee under pressure. When a shot of espresso is pulled ( and this is timed and closely watched) all of the components of the crushed coffee beans are extracted by the percolation of hot water through tightly packed and finely ground coffee in the porta filter. The pressurized water extracts soluble and insoluble solids and oils found in the coffee beans and deposits them in the cup. There are two layers to a shot of espresso — the crema (made up of carbon dioxide bubbles surrounded by water and oils- (thats the yummy caramel looking icing on our shots) and the liquid (made up of soluble solids, gases and insoluble solids). You got it???

So the next time you are waiting for that little morning latte you just might relax a bit and let our baristas do what they do best —it’s always worth the wait!